Supporting Method's World First Race - Dazar'Alor

The Race to World First begins!


With each new raid tier in World of Warcraft, a new race for world first begins to beat the final boss on the highest difficulty the game has to offer. Since the release of the current game expansion, Red Bull Esports have invited Method, the worlds most successful PVE guild to join them in at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London to live stream their progress around the world as they race to continue their streak of being the first to claim victory.

RAID Studios were called on by EGL to support them in their online social media management throughout the event. We have a deep history in World of Warcraft, with some of our team competing in the top 10% of players globally to complete mythic content, which puts us in prime position to provide authentic and fun commentary!

Having RAID Studios at the helm each evening until the players turned in for the night, EGL and Red Bull Esports were able to rest easy knowing that we would be able to react in time to any meaningful progress that Method made on their final fight against Lady Jaina Proudmore. 

We also really enjoyed being able to deliver content that showed a lighter side to the players’ personalities during the downtime between ‘hype pulls’ where the team is focused on developing tactics and micro play. Here’s an example of the Guild Leader and Main Tank Scott “Sco” McMillan clearly not losing his mind after 200 repeated attempts to end Lady Jaina…

We were delighted to be a part of a great team effort from Red Bull Esport, EGL, Method and everyone else involved who helped to produce a fantastic show. We’re already excited for the next World First Race in approximately 4 months from now. 

GG WP to Method!