RIOT RUMBLE EU 2019 article cover photo


March 10, 2021 | 1 Minute Read | Bryan Mc Namara

RIOT RUMBLE EU 2019 article cover photo

Riot Games position themselves as the most player-focused company in the world while also taking play seriously. The developer & publisher feels that it is important that they experience what it is like from an average players perspective when engaging in competitive play – building a team, setting practice schedules, scouting competition and having their show put on for the world to see!

Each global region operates its own annual ‘Rumble’ with Europe including Turkey and Russia as well as some other satellite offices. Our long established connection with Riot Games has given them the confidence in us to provide the best player experience in terms of broadcast content including commentators, world-class production and top tier analysis.

With hundreds of Rioters competing over several weeks from play in stages, to groups stages and on to the grand finals, the 2019 Riot Rumble once again looks to be one of our highlights of competitive League of Legends this year!

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Riot Games are well known for their production value when it comes to their own esport leagues and major tournaments. At RAID Studios, we aspire to deliver the same level of broadcast production and storytelling for all of those taking part in this year’s Riot Rumble event.

We work with some of the best on-screen talent and production crew from all across Europe to deliver a show that makes the viewer feel like they’re sharing in part of the player’s experience. From custom game graphics, multiple observers, dynamic camera replays and a host of other technical solutions, Riot rumble 2019 is set to be the best viewing experience of all Rumble iterations to date.

To everyone taking part – GLHF!