Easing the transition to WFH article cover photo

Easing the transition to WFH

March 10, 2021 | 1 Minute Read | Bryan Mc Namara

Easing the transition to WFH article cover photo

When Jagex transitioned its workforce to work-from-home in response to COVID-19, they lost access to their studio and high-quality audio and video equipment. As a result, they needed to develop a new format for their weekly community streams.

With Archaeology’s release around the corner, a significant addition and milestone for their game, they needed it quickly. They turned to us to manage their streams and provide a design to support the new remote format.

Using assets from the upcoming launch to add visual polish, we worked closely with their design teams to deliver an asset pack that surpassed both quality and functionality. Our assets allowed them the flexibility to work in various formats, including a differing number of guests, live demonstrations of the game’s content, promotional videos, and more.

Despite the challenges of having a single operator in our studio and the other staff members working remotely, our team’s coordination and cooperation with Jagex meant we could maintain their stream schedule with almost no interruption.