The Piltover Cup is nearly here! These are the details you’ve been missing so far!

We’re really excited to see teams signing up and forming to compete in the Piltover cup! We know some of you have been waiting on details, so here they are:

Tournament Format

Every division will be divided into groups of up to 4 teams. The teams in these groups will play every other team in their group in a Best of 2 (Round Robin).

The top teams from each group – the number will depend on the total amount of teams in the division, and we’ll clarify that once signups close and the brackets are ready – will then progress to the playoff stage, where they will play in a single elimination bracket. Every match in the Playoffs will be Best of 3 until the finals, which will be Best of 5.

Game Days / Match Days

In our ruleset, we mention Match Days. Here’s a rundown of what Match Days mean:

  • Each round of the tournament is assigned a Match Day, the last day of the round. This is the default day (and time if assigned) when the Match will take place.
  • During the group stage teams can, if both sides agree, decide on a day and time before the Match Day to play their match. This has to be communicated via the Battlefy game lobby system to ensure that Admins can check up on the agreed times. All playoff games must be played on the match day. In extreme circumstances admins may allow an exception.
  • If teams agree on a time apart from the Match Day, but one team can’t make that time either side can choose to cancel and revert to the Match Day as long as they provide a minimum of 30 minutes notice before the agreed match start time.
  • Admins will be monitoring these interactions. Teams attempting to abuse this system in an unsportsmanlike manner will be penalised.
  • Official live streams will be available only on Match Days. The production team will choose from matches held on the Match Day and stream the matches of their choice. Teams must (as per the ruleset) make all possible accommodations to help the production team, and must follow their instructions.

The match days for the Piltover Cup are as follows:

  • Match Day 1: Sunday July 9th (Round 1: July 3rd-July 9th) – 7 days to play Round 1
  • Match Day 2: Sunday July 16th (Round 2: July 10th-July 16th) – 7 days to play Round 2
  • Match Day 3: Sunday July 23rd (Round 3: July 17th-July 23rd) – 7 days to play Round 3
  • Match Day 4 (Playoffs): Sunday July 30th – All remaining matches played

Remember, you can play your match from any time when the round starts if both teams agree. Otherwise, teams must play at the default Match Day/Time, which you’ll see clearly on Battlefy as well as communicated by our admins at the start of each round.
Make sure to check the Battlefy announcements tab at the start of each round to get your match time. We’ll also email the full list to the email address linked to your battlefy account.


If there is anything you're unsure of, please ask us now!

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