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Gaming is a core part of who we all are at RAID STUDIOS. Our team has deep roots in a wide variety of gaming genres, with decades of combined play experience and a hunger to deliver awesome gaming experiences.


What we do

We provide specialised services for game developers and publishers who seek to augment their in house functions or outsource to our expert team. We support brands who wish to engage in marketing activities such as events, streams and online activations that target the enormous gamer demographic.

Community Development

With our experience and team, we can help you build a strong, vibrant gaming community that will add increased longevity and affection for your game for years to come!

Live Streaming Services

Our live streaming services have helped to support the biggest games and brands in the world. Helping you keep in touch with players, especially during times of global crisis.

Content Production

Live Developer Q&As, Patch Rundown Vlogs, Forum and Social Media engagement campaigns are just the tip of the Ice Berg when it comes to our engagement arsenal.

Competitive & Esport

We have experience in producing esport and competitive events on some of the biggest stages in the world. We can work with you to help build your in-game competitive experience and your out of game esport strategy.

Focus Groups

No one knows better how to make your game than you do. To ensure success in a launch, it is vital to have early sources of feedback from your future players so you can have a confident launch – we can help make this happen!

Developer Support

We can help you develop and launch all your player-facing platforms, such as your website, social media presence, CRM systems integration Discord server with custom bots and automation for fun and efficency.



Easing the Transition – Helping Jagex stream from home

When the true scale of COVID-19 became apparent and Jagex transitioned their workforce to work-from-home, they needed a solution to their weekly livestreams – and they needed it fast. With the release of Archaeology right around the corner, a major new skill and a...

Helping Red Bull reach players in a global pandemic

For 2020 Red Bull rebranded their League of Legends 1v1 tournament and introduced Red Bull Solo Queue (previously Player One). With more countries than ever involved and the introduction of the European finals to be hosted in Germany, 2020 was due to be a great...

Patch Notes Rework

FORMAT AND STYLE The first order of business was deciding a consistent style and format for the notes. Previously, the patch notes had been presented differently week to week, making it hard for players to navigate to the info they really wanted. They also tended...

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