What is it?

We invite you to join Riot Games’ development team for a free, action-packed and exciting day of testing League of Legends upcoming exciting in-client tournament features.

Players and teams will be invited to come along and play League of Legends, playing in the new tournaments before the public, and given the opportunity to give direct insight and feedback to the developers directly working on the game. Entry is completely free.

Your feedback will help shape the future of the game.

when and where is it on?

The play-test will run from 11 am on Sunday, 10th of December in Croke Park, Dublin.  Computers running League of Legends, keyboards, mice will all be provided and entry is completely free. You will need to bring your own headset. You’re also welcome to bring your own peripherals if you wish.

Throughout the day you’ll play League of Legends with your friends (or a team you create on the day) against other players at the event in a “for-fun” tournament setting. We’ll be forming all teams on the day, so don’t worry about not having a team! You’ll also have the option to stick with friends if you have a team in mind.

 What do I get for taking part?

In exchange for your help in playing the game and testing new features, you’ll be rewarded with:

  • Riot Points
  • Riot Swag
  • Free Skin
  • A Tournament Capsule that gives rewards based on your games over the weekend.
  • In-Game Exclusive Rewards (Summoner Icons for the Winning Teams).

You’ll also have an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by gaining tournament points before the feature is released to the public.

The day will kick off from 11 and run late, until the tournament ends.

Some snacks and refreshments will be provided, and you’ll also get plenty of time to chat with some of Riot’s core developers!

alright, i want free stuff. i’m in! where can i sign up?

Spaces for the play-test are extremely limited, so make sure you sign up and register interest right away! Entry is completely free, and you can sign up using the form below. Please bring either a printed copy of your email ticket, or government-issued ID that matches the name your ticket is in. It is also really important to use your correct, EUW summoner name! 

You must be at least Summoner Level 30, and have at least Honor Level 2 to participate! You also need to have played your 10 ranked placement games.

Please note that Riot Games REQUIRE all players that participate to play on their main accounts. Smurf accounts are not permitted in this playtest.