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When building any type of game, it’s important to understand what resonates with your target audience and to test assumptions regularly so you can build a clear picture of who your paying customers will be when you’re ready to launch. 

Players are your most precious resource

Gamers are never shy in telling you what it is they want from the games they play, which is why they’re such a valuable resource to include at the earliest possible point in a games development cycle. Having the opportunity to sit with your future players and see their reactions to your game’s user interface, how the game is controlled, the pacing and difficulty are all of trememdous value during the development process. 

Tailored and focused on your requirements

We provide a real, personable approach to our focus group services where we hone in on the key aspects of what makes a game great, from demographic attraction, playability and replayability, plot and story arcs as well as character affinity and effectiveness. 

Our processes allow us to scale from smaller test groups to full on large scale play and stress tests so that we’re able to provide you with the best service possible and feedback that will be valuable in helping create a very successful game launch.

I was delighted to work with the team at Raid Studios when we conducted a large scale, live playtest event for Clash – the new tournament feature for League of Legends. We worked on a very tight timeline to make the playtest happen and the team at Raid Studios were always on the ball to meet changing needs and requirements. The play test was successful and very well run. Players enjoyed the event and it helped us learn valuable information for the experience we were building. I would recommend working with Raid Studios. 

Leanne Lobme

Senior Producer, Riot Games

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