Easing the Transition

Helping Jagex migrate their community livestreams to a work-from-home environment
When the true scale of COVID-19 became apparent and Jagex transitioned their workforce to work-from-home, they needed a solution to their weekly livestreams – and they needed it fast. With the release of Archaeology right around the corner, a major new skill and a milestone for their game, they turned to us to operate their streams and provide a new design to match the remote aspect.
We worked closely (and quickly) with their design teams to create a new set of visuals for the weekly community streams, using assets from the upcoming launch to add visual polish. It was important that the visuals were top-notch, to compensate for the loss of their physical studio and all of its high-quality audio and video equipment. We were able to deliver an asset pack that not only surpassed the quality expectations but also provided flexibility to work with many different formats. This included different numbers of guests, live demos of the game’s content, promotional videos and more.
With only a single operator in our studio and the other members of staff all working remotely, we were able to coordinate with each other and with Jagex to maintain their stream schedule with almost no interruption.

An example of a live stream using the graphics pack we created.