Whether you’re looking to impress investors or connect with players, content is king!

Our recording and live production studio based in Dublin is equipped with state of the art technology and home to some amazingly talented producers and creators.

Live Streaming

Live streaming content is something we excel at! Whether you need a developer Q&A streamed in real time, an esport broadcast or a first look/play of a new game title, we’ve got your back!

Pre-recorded Content

Highly polished pre-recorded content such as Patch Notes Videos or Gameplay trailers can be easily created by our talented production team. 

Audio Recording

Our studio is equipped with high-end audio capture hardware, making it simple for us to provide quality voice over work as well as a variety of other audio capture requirements you may have. 

Written Content

Converting shorthand changelogs into easy to read and understand patch notes is a great example of some of the written content services we offer. Keep your players informed and in the loop when video isn’t an option!

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