Competitive Ruling – Turkish Aim Talent

The offence

It was brought to our attention that members of Turkish Aim Talent did not comply with the RAID requirements for residency, as laid out in the RAID Redline Cup Ruleset.

At the commencement of any match, at least 3 of the players actively participating in the match (“Starting lineup”) must be resident in The Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Players resident outside these regions may participate, but only as part of a lineup that meets the above requirements.

RAID Redline Cup Ruleset

Section 1.1 - Roster Requirements

Upon contacting the team in question, they confirmed that this was the case. The members of the team have received the penalty detailed below.

The penalty

We take our rules very seriously, and as such cannot allow a team to continue to play with an invalid roster. However, due to the circumstances that lead to the rule breach and because the team was extremely co-operative in resolving the issue and forthcoming with information when it was requested, we have ruled that a disqualification from the tournament is the appropriate penalty. The members of the team will be allowed to participate in future RAID events (as long as they field a valid roster).