Below you’ll find the latest competitive rulings and rule changes from the Piltover Cup

Rule Changes

We’ve made some minor changes to Section 4.2 of our ruleset (Game Organisation) –

Teams may opt to play their match before the Game Day. This must be done by both team’s captains being in contact via the battlefy match lobby and arranging a time or date for the match. At any point up to 30 60 minutes prior to the arranged match time either team may pull out of this arranged match time and revert to the match day as the time and date for their match.

New section:

Teams must communicate their availability via battlefy in as much detail as they can to their opponents no less than 4 days prior to the match day.

This is to reduce issues some teams were having getting in contact with their opponents. Basically, each team will now be required to communicate at the very least their availability to play by the Thursday of each round of the tournament. We hope this will make it easier for teams to work around their own schedules – and we encourage teams to be as accommodating as possible to each other.

Competitive Ruling – Kamikaze Overlords

The offence

It was brought to our attention that a member of Kamikaze Overlords had a player who was not on their team play for them on their account during their game against Team Default. When the player in question was confronted and asked about the allegations they admitted to the offence. The team was informed of the punishment for the offence and chose not to appeal the decision. The following players have received the punishment detailed below:

  • Freddeh
  • Haxen
  • Diezombiefool
  • Padraig Pearse
  • Lovely Cans
  • HelloMemes

Little Wolf has not received the same punishment as the team made us aware that they were not privy to the decision to play with the account shared.

The punishment

Previously we gave out punishments to individual players for deliberately dropping their ranks to compete in lower divisions. These players took individual action to reduce their rank, and their teams could not be held accountable for those actions. In the case of account sharing it is a full team decision taken by every player participating. As such, the punishment is given to all players on the team, and the player who played on the account for the game in question.

Kamikaze Overlords have been disqualified from the tournament. Each player on the team is also banned from competing in all RAID tournaments – League of Legends and other games – for 6 months (180 days) from the publishing of this competitive ruling.

We will also be reporting the accounts of the players in question to Riot Games. It’s a violation of the Terms of Use of League of Legends to allow any other individual access to your account, and as a Riot supported tournament it’s essential that we make Riot Games aware of any such violations we’re aware of. Below is the relevant section of the Terms of Use:

When you create an account with us, we require you to select a unique username and password (collectively, your “Login Credentials”), which you’ll use each time you access the Game. You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. You can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so.

Riot Games

Terms of Use Section 1.4

As we’ve said before, we take competitive integrity very seriously at RAID, and while we don’t like banning people we’ll never hesitate to do so if it’s in the best interest of our community and our tournaments. We’d like to again thank everyone that’s provided us with information in this and our other ongoing investigations.

We also have reason to believe that this competitive ruling was circulated before it was made public by the team in question. We’d like to remind everyone that all contact between RAID admins and the Teams/Captains is confidential and should not be shared without permission.