A development studio’s relationship with their players is paramount!

Players are the greatest resource of any game. When players feel they are heard and served with great content, they will invest in the developer with trust and with their purchasing power. 

Building Trust

Our team of community managers have in-depth experience in handling player facing communication on behalf of developers and publishers. We believe that making a community team easily accessible to players goes a long way towards developing a healthy player environment where players feel heard and valued. 

Creating engaging content is second nature to us. From social posts to engage players with game-related content, to managing online community events and being the front line of support for players we are your go-to community partner! 

Developing Together

We will be there at every stage of the development process from internal testing to launch and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to help build a robust and self-sustaining community that acts as the greatest advocate of your game.

Why is this important? We see two key reasons why a vibrant community can be the greatest asset to any game. Firstly, a strong community of players create a lot of content, meaning increased hours played and likely increased in-game purchases. Secondly, the best way to attract new players and successfully onboard them is through their friends who already play the game. So many of us have made the decision to pick up a new game because our friends have it. We believe that it is the role of the community team to keep players engaged and measurably lower churn. 

Winning Results

Understanding what good looks like and being able to measure success is vital. We use a host of success measurement tools to provide you with weekly updates as well as campaign-specific updates on any number of desired analytics. 

We know how important it is to understand what is working well and equally what isn’t. Only by experimentation, iteration and honest reporting can we truly provide the best service to our partners and to the players. 

Our core community funcitons

Social Media

Be easy to find and you’ll have no trouble telling your story! Our community team are social wizards, who love to interact with players in a meaningful way, from talking about game updates to being on point with the latest memes!

Content Creator Support

We love to support content creators who are tremendous advocates for games they enjoy. Helping spotlight great creators and providing recognition for their skills and time builds wonderful community trust and affection.

Forum Management

Often the focus of core players, an official forum serves as both a place to find information and a place to air grievances. Our community team have managed some of the biggest game forums in the world and have unparalleled expertise in player relations.

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