RuneScape as a game lends itself well to streaming. There is both high skill gameplay for those interested in watching skilled players do content, and there is lax content that allows for high stream interaction. The community of streamers however is small, and we wanted to find a way to encourage new streamers who have never done it before an easy way to start with a high quality product. We decided on creating a Streamer Package branded specifically for the RuneScape community, which included overlays, alerts, transitions and social links, all available from the StreamLabs website for easy download.


We designed the Streamer Package around two ideals; easy to use, and high quality visuals. The entire package was designed from the ground up to work out of the box with minimal setup required from the streamer. There were some customisation options, such as camera size and placement (which we provided different borders for) as well as social links that the streamer had to update themselves, but the core package of the overlays, transitions, and alerts we all set up for use immediately. We also included handy instructions for anyone unsure of what each part did.


On top of providing the graphics for the visual side of the stream, we also provided written guidelines on various aspects useful to streamers, such as tech recommendations for audio and video, what music to play and where to get royalty free music, as well as advice on setting up your background for a good stream environment. The aim was to allow streamers to take as much of the extra work off their back and allow them to focus on what they do best; entertaining their audience.

If you would like to have a look at the stream package yourself, here is a link to the download on Streamlabs here.