With major thanks to Epic Games, we’re delighted to announce that we are now moving our Fortnite custom games from every second week to every week!


We’re bringing in some big changes in line with the addition of weekly customs, so please be sure to read the following so you’re in the best position to get in on the action!

Full Studio Streaming:

We’re going to be broadcasting all custom games live from our new studio in Dublin, Ireland’s only esport production studio! This includes a full set with onscreen casters, so be sure to tune in to our RAID Twitch Channel (https://twitch.tv/WatchRAID) as we will be retiring the ForteniteIE channel. Be sure to follow this channel so you get notified when we go live!


Weekly custom games will begin on Sunday, September 30th at 17:00 and end at approximately 20:00. Please note that if you are a console player, you MUST have a PC player as part of your Duo or Squad or you will not be able to join the game. We highly suggest playing on PC if that is a possibility as consoles don’t always work as intended.

Join Our Discord Community:

If you’re not already a part of our dedicated Fortnite Discord community for players living in Ireland, be sure to join! This is where we post updates on custom games, explain how to join and generally answer any questions you might have. It’s also great for meeting other players to team up with for Duo’s and Squads.

Use and share this join URL with your friends: https://discord.gg/uVbgD2t

This Is Not A Tournament:

Just a friendly reminder that these custom games are not in any way meant as tournament play or to be used as scrims. They are expressly for the enjoyment of those living in Ireland and who are part of the Irish Fortnite Community.