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We love games and we love to see great game developers achieve and exceed all of their expectations for their beloved IP. Our experience in community development and developer support make us the go-to publishing support team.

Crafting excellence in Gaming

Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world and with that, the demand for content and community support has risen in tandem. At RAID Studios we believe that game developers can do their best work when their main focus is on game development, supported by a community and publishing team who will be able to keep them connected to their players.

Our team are fanatical about games and we take play seriously! One of the perks enjoyed by our team is getting to play the latest titles as they come out as part of their day to day work. This keeps us close to our roots and allows us to stay well ahead of the curve in new trends and genres so that we can best support our partners. 

We delight in working hand in hand with game developers and publishing studios to provide expert support and creative services.

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