Rebuilding RS3 Patch Notes article cover photo

Rebuilding RS3 Patch Notes

March 10, 2021 | 2 Minute Read | Bryan Mc Namara

Rebuilding RS3 Patch Notes article cover photo


The first order of business was deciding a consistent style and format for the notes. Previously, the patch notes had been presented differently week to week, making it hard for players to navigate to the info they really wanted. They also tended to run into each other, with a long list of unending text.

Using some of the previous ideas, we formalised the style and added some stylistic changes. Big game changing updates and important balance patches should be at the top instead of hidden in the middle of the page, which could result in players completely missing the most important message the notes are trying to communicate. Hotfixes made during the week should also be highlighted, whether that meant updating the previous patch notes or highlighting it as a hotfix the following week. Patch notes should also be vetted and organised into categories.

A consistent visual style was implemented, as well as upgrades like the legenda. Context was added to the start of the patch notes as well as before important notes One of the aims was to elevate the patch notes above just being a list by making it a place players could go to not just get the changes to the game, but also an understanding of those changes. Players should be leaving with their questions answered, not with more questions.


Another important aspect was the time it took each week to gather, organise, and markup the page itself for publishing. Using Google Scripts we created an automation tool that would automatically HTMLify the page when copied to a Google Doc, including creating div boxes, the legenda, and everything else on the page. The use of this script has been extended to more than just the patch notes, such as newsposts and other content going out on the website.


Another addition on top of the text patch notes on the website was a short summary video each week to be published on social media. The aim was to showcase a short clip of 4 or 5 key patch notes from the week, then direct players to the website to learn more. It also served as a way to reach lapsed players if a particular change caught their eye while browsing socials.