Metal League 8 EU Playoffs article cover photo

Metal League 8 EU Playoffs

March 10, 2021 | 2 Minute Read | Bryan Mc Namara

Metal League 8 EU Playoffs article cover photo

Our work with Hoplon meant we got tasked with running the European version of Metal League 8, the esports league for Heavy Metal Machines. We needed to organise their playoffs, as well as a two-day broadcast. The event took place in May 2020 and was conducted remotely due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.


For the ML8 playoffs, we wanted to upgrade the European broadcast in as many areas as we could. One of our primary additions was a new graphics package, which significantly improved the visuals of the ML8 broadcast. We worked with Hoplon for tournament stats to display during the holding screens, and our graphics brought a consistent visual feel to the broadcast.

We brought on two shoutcasters to cover the ML8 EU playoffs, one in-house talent, one freelance, which further added to the extra level of professionalism brought to the Metal League broadcasts. As we worked remotely, we had to use a fully online solution to manage the broadcast and include the shoutcasters. We managed to incorporate them into our Vmix setup in a manner that fits our broadcast package smoothly. Our remote broadcast went ahead without a hitch!

On top of this, we had to manage the scheduling, prize handling and administration of the ML8 EU playoffs. Our team of Community Managers worked closely with Hoplon and ensured that our schedule worked well for players and translated well to broadcast. Overall, we were able to deliver a fantastic experience for the players competing in the ML8 playoffs.


The Metal League 8 EU broadcast was very well received by the community. Across the board, viewers were impressed by the visual polish and professional feel of the ML8 broadcast. The team at Hoplon were also thrilled with the broadcast and our organisational work. We raised the bar quite significantly for Heavy Metal Machines tournament broadcasts. We hope that we can continue advancing and putting on an even better show for the Heavy Metal Machines audience in the future!