Clash is a competitive team-based tournament system that rewards players for organized play and has been a long term initiative at Riot Games.

When Riot Games needed to begin mass play testing, their Los Angeles office reached out to us as organised play experts in Europe with a request to create a 200 in-person event.

This event took place in Dublin and the players in attendance were among the first in the world to playtest the systems and give live feedback to developers and engineers who were onsite to oversee the event.

To accomplish this task within the 2-week timeframe from request to actualisation here is an overview of some of the tasks we undertook:


  • Venue booking
  • Provision of food and refreshments
  • Power and Networking
  • PC Rental for 210 users
  • Gathering of 200 players
  • Briefing and NDA’ing of players
  • Build and Breakdown
  • Feedback gathering

I was delighted to work with the team at Raid Studios when we conducted a large scale, live playtest event for Clash – the new tournament feature for League of Legends. We worked on a very tight timeline to make the playtest happen and the team at Raid Studios were always on the ball to meet changing needs and requirements. The play test was successful and very well run. Players enjoyed the event and it helped us learn valuable information for the experience we were building. I would recommend working with Raid Studios.

Leanne Lombe

Director, Executive Producer - Riot Forge, Riot Games