Rob “Gosu Dreams” Price joins RAID Gaming as our Manager of On-Air talent.

A staple caster of the Irish shoutcasting community for many years now, Rob has earned the admiration and respect of many gaming communities as a genuine, entertaining and knowledgable shoutcaster. In recent years, Rob has gained tremendous experience on the international scene, working directly with games publishers such as Riot Games and third party event organisers like ESL UK and LVP, granting him unique insight into what is needed to succeed at a local and international level.

Rob joins RAID Gaming as our Manager of On-Air talent with the goal of creating dynamic and engaging viewing experience for our audience by finding and working with local and international talent. A core focus of Rob’s role will also be developing current commentators with opportunities to flex their skills, learn from his experience and set Irish casters up for success to be able to break into the international casting community.

We are all very excited here to see what Rob is able to achieve in the coming months and years with RAID Gaming!