The Piltover Cup!

Following the success of our last run, we’re super excited to announce SEASON THREE of our online League of Legends tournaments, the Piltover Cup! It’s our goal to allow players of all skill levels to compete, so The Piltover Cup will operate across multiple divisions! Teams have from now until Friday, November 17th at 23:00 to sign up and the tournament starts on the following day at 13:00.

Once the sign-up date has passed, we’ll announce seeds and brackets. It’s super important that everyone reads the rules to understand the requirements we have on team rosters, so please do check that out before signing up!


A complete set of rules for the Piltover Cup can be found here.

Signing Up

First of all, please make sure you’ve read the rules. There are certain roster requirements that must be fulfilled for a team to be considered valid. It’s up to each team to know and understand these requirements which are all detailed in our rule set. Once you’ve done that, just follow this link to sign up!


Prizes for each division, per player include:

Division 1  will operate a tournament buy-in format. This means that players will contribute an entry fee that will make up the prize pool, which will be then split between the first and second place in their respective division 70/30.

Divisions 2 & 3 will be free to enter and as such are eligible for RP prizing (based on a minimum of 8 teams per division).

  • 1st: 3200 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player
  • 2nd: 2400 RP per player
  • 3rd: 1600 RP per player
  • 4th: 800 RP per player

Streaming Of Games

Raid will work with local broadcast talent to get as many games streamed from various divisions as possible on our League of Legends stream channel. Be sure to follow us on Twitch so you’re notified when games go live!

How to sign up

It’s really easy to get your team signed up for the Piltover Cup. All you need is:

To register your team, visit the entry page on our store (it’s free, we just want to make sure everyone is used to the system for our events with entry fees). You’ll be sent a tournament entry code and instructions on how to use it – all you need to do is enter it in the “Entry Code” box on the tournament battlefy page!


Teams will be divided into divisions based on rank – Ranked Solo/Duo 5v5 or Ranked Flex 5v5, whichever rank is higher. The cutoffs for each division are as follows:

  1. Division 3 – Up to (and including) Silver I
  2. Division 2 – Gold V to Platinum III
  3. Division 1 – Platinum II and above

In order to enter into a division of the tournament, all players on the team must be below the cutoff point. For example, if a team consists of 4 Silver III players and 1 Gold II player, that team will be entered into Division 2.

Ready to go?

(did we mention that reading the rules is a really good idea?)