What is the RAID Gaming Community?

We’ve built a robust and easy to use community for all gamers right here on this website. You can quickly and easily create your very own profile with tonnes of customisations available. Here are some of the cool features you’ll be able to use!

  • List the games that you play.
  • Looking for a team? Display it on your profile with a simple tick.
  • Looking for other teammates for your team? Search other users who are looking for a team by game.
  • Streamer? Add your Twitch, YouTube and fans pages to your profile.
  • Use your profile to get game passes for tournaments on our store.
  • Use your profile to get some RAID merch on our store.

Are there additional perks?

Of course! Members of the RAID Gaming Community will get personal offers and competitions (if you opt-in) periodically that nonmembers won’t have access to. How about 25% off every takeaway? We’ve got that covered! Fancy an entirely new set of PC periperals? That’s coming up soon!

What else is coming?

Over the coming weeks, we’re releasing additional features as upvoted by you, the community including:

  • Private Messaging
  • Followers
  • Social Login
  • Verified users
  • Friends
  • Notifications

Sounds cool, but I want to keep my stuff private and don’t want to get any emails.

No problem! You have complete control of your account, meaning you have the power to control who can contact you, what others can see and how you interact with this platform overall. And if you decide to call it a day, you can simply and easily delete your account, though we doubt you’ll want to!

Ok I’m in, how do I sign up?

We’re glad you asked! If you don’t already have an account, just hit register below. If you do, you can log in!

Now that you’re setup and ready to go, you’ll see a “Members Area” appear in your navigation bar, where you can see your profile, adjust your account and check out other members.

Or you can just use this button…