Our roots and experience in esport run deep! 

We can work hand in hand with you to develop your competitive play ecosystem both in and out of the game.

Tournament Design

To get the best result out of a tournament for players and for developers, it should be designed in a manner that is fun and rewarding to compete in. The right format, playdays and rules are all major components of achieving this. 

Tournament Administration

Our team has been running tournaments for many years now, from small online events to major international shows. We’re well aware of the common issues players face and we excel at keeping the showing moving forward!

Live Events

We have created and worked on many major international esport events as well as small, local events – all of which matter greatly to players. We can make your esport vision a reality!

Competitive Rewards

Winning should feel good, never mediocre. We can work with you to design reward systems that are scalable for your business and satisfying to players who put their time and skill to the test.

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